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Thank you from a craftsman


I know you by name, reputation and that I have bought your products.  I realise that you probably wouldn’t know me if we ran into each other, but that is fine.

I appreciate what you and the other folk like you do for our small but growing community of craftspeople.  So thank you for being there, and thank you for your communications and the products and help you provide.

I will continue to buy various items from you – this is usually via the working with wood show for me and a put money aside and roll up usually having a good idea what I need.  I am increasingly using the internet to purchase my supply’s so I see no reason why I shouldn’t place orders with you as well.  I warn you that you will not get rich with what I buy but it be used and will be appreciated.

I am not sure what role Gerdi plays in your business but I bet without there to help your business would all the less.  So thanks to her as well.

I hope the season allows you both to get some relaxing time and I’ll contact you again in 2014.



Thank you from a happy workwork hardware client

Thanks so much Michael and Gerdi for the Christmas wishes.

Thank you for your “personal Touch” that seems to be your trademark. (At the Brissy show Gerdi wrapped some saw files individually in newspaper, that I had purchased. Attention to detail/personal touch. I was impressed)

Thank you too for “being on duty” over the Season to help us out.

Just make sure you both have a good break and enjoy putting your feet up

Merry Christmas


Decorative inlays for box making

Feedback on the decorative inlays supplied by Hardware for Creative Finishes

Dear Michael

Thankyou for your enquiry, have nothing on the go at the moment, but should I require your product in the future will not hesitate to contact you.

The decorative inlays I used on the box I made for my daughter in law were a great success – she was impressed!

Cheers, Ted 


If you are looking for decorative inlays checkout

Robert Brennan update on woodwork projects

Here is an update from a client of Hardware for Creative Finishes about a project he is working on.

I am currently building a Billy Cart for the Carindale Billy Cart Championships 18 Aug 2013.

It’s a Modified design based loosely on a A Model Ford PU.

I have consumed almost all of your 40G stock getting the recycled timber to an acceptable finish ready to undercoat and then paint.

Its off to the fabricator next for the Final wheels and rolling stock to be fitted.

Regards, Robert Brennan

If you have an interesting project on your workbench and would like to share email to and let Michael know.

Here are the photos

CC 1st Sand stage 1 2


CC 1st Sand stage 1 1


CC 1st Sand stage 1 3